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Want to take your holiday gifts to the next level this year?

Oct 3, 2020

You know how The Style That Binds Us is all about introducing you to emerging brands & products we are obsessed with? Not only do we tell you about new brands, we take it a step further and introduce you to the founder of the brand. Hearing the founder’s journey and listening to them tell you about all the details that makes them unique allows you to feel a part of their journey. When someone compliments you on something you’re wearing (for example), and you are able to say, “Thank you! This is by a brand called ______.” & tell them all about it allows you to be in the know AND might just make getting dressed seem exciting again.

Want to make your gifts extra special for Holiday 2020? This has been SUCH A YEAR, and we think your loved ones will appreciate a little extra thought. For example, last year, Delia gave her father & brothers some RISE coffee and shared our podcast episode & YouTube video with them. Letting them in on the history of the brand brought it to life, was so much more meaningful and got them all pumped up.

Below are some gift ideas based on what your loved one’s like/what you want to achieve with your gift:

The Style That Binds Us


  1. Carla L. Thomas says:

    Thank you for the coffee idea. I have two work buddies who love coffee.

you said:

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