Meet illustrator, Michael Storrings

Nov 14, 2020

We can’t wait for you to meet one of our favorite illustrators, Michael Storrings in our latest Instagram live! Michael is currently a Creative Director at St. Martin’s Press (Macmillan). He has designed book jackets for New York Times bestselling authors like Emily Giffin, Bernie Sanders, the Kardashians and so many more. His ornaments have been featured in Town & Country and talked about on The Today Show and Martha Stewart among many others.

We discovered him a couple of years ago in the Bergdorf Goodman Christmas shop, and have been obsessed ever since! Michael’s products include: prints, puzzles, notecards, ornaments, coloring books, Advent calendars and more!

Michael has even published several books: A Very New York Christmas (forward by Cynthia Nixon), The 12 Days of Christmas in New York (forward by Kathie Lee Gifford) and New York in Four Seasons (forward by Kristin Chenoweth). 

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  1. Jan Raway says:

    Where can I purchase something with eltrain above the pizza shop print.? Reminds me of the neighborhood where I grew up in Ridgewood, NY in the late 1950s.

you said:

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