Public Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Jul 8, 2018

Looking for a speaker for your conference, women’s group or club? The Style That Binds Us speaks on panels and leads discussions at conferences, on podcast interviews, MCs fashion shows, speaks to women’s groups and organizations & more.

Example topics:

  • How to get into the fashion industry
  • How to stand out in a corporate setting
  • How to network and/or meet people
  • How to carve a place for yourself in your industry of choice
  • Tips to remember throughout your career
  • Buying for a luxury retailer
  • Gaining confidence through style
  • The science behind getting dressed
  • Tips for brands when approaching retailers
  • How to dress for the life you want
  • Age is just a number/How to dress for your age
  • How to live a stylish & fearless life
  • Seasonal trends
  • How to use your wardrobe as a vehicle to achieve your goals
  • How to dress for the professional & personal life to which you aspire
  • How to create a visual brand
  • How to create a core wardrobe
  • How to determine which colors are right for you
  • How to dress for your body type

Feedback from previous speaking engagements:

  • Alison & Delia spoke on a panel with the Chair, Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising at VCU at the The Tuckahoe Woman’s Club in Richmond, VA discussing Fashion Forward: Where We Go From Here. “The mother-daughter duo of The Style That Binds Us presented the perfect event to jumpstart our relaunch into personal style, reminding us of our love affair with dressing up ~ whatever the occasion. Their distinctly professional presentation to a large audience offered a fresh take on fashion and proved highly engaging and informative. Alison and Delia completely wowed the audience. These talented ladies most definitely deliver on style with high quality substance.” -Dana Moore, The Tuckahoe Woman’s Club
  • Delia is such a wonderful speaker! Her ability to engage with the audience is very impressive. She gave a very effective and interesting presentation on the American Jewelry Market and Buying for Department Stores. Delia has a deep understanding of the market, is very in touch with trends and has a keen eye for spotting talent and helping designers grow their business. She has an impressive background in the industry and everyone in the audience benefited from hearing her presentation. They all had positive feedback about her. She was truly amazing and we would be very lucky to have her speak at one of our events again – Leonor Silva, Director of International Relations at ISEM
  • The moment Delia began speaking to our audience at the Summit, she displayed an undeniable range of knowledge, authenticity, clarity, and warmth. She imparted quite a bit of knowledge on our audience, and it was clear that each audience member walked away with specific pieces of guidance to help themselves as designers and businesses flourish moving forward. Our audience members provided incredibly positive feedback on Delia’s talk as well as her openness to questions and comments. She was extremely generous with her time and expertise, speaking with individuals after the presentation was over, making each audience member feel that any question or comment was welcome. Delia was an incredible asset to us as a speaker at the Summit! – Samantha Silverberg, Panel Coordinator at Jewelry Independent Summit

Email to discuss having Alison &/or Delia speak.

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