Professional Presentations – Capsule Work Wardrobe, Visual Branding, etc.

Aug 8, 2022

The Style That Binds Us gives presentations to groups and companies showcasing how to build a core [work] wardrobe, visual branding, the science behind dressing and more. We tailor our presentation to your business needs, company culture, group dynamics & employees. We bring clothing & accessories for our core work wardrobe demonstration.

Our eye-opening presentations are meant to set your employees/group members up for success by utilizing the power they have in crafting their visual brand and using their wardrobe as a tool to achieve their goals. Our presentations are about so much more than fashion. We explain the science behind dressing and how your visual presentation affects not only your mindset, but also those you interact with.

Attendees gain crucial knowledge regarding how to control the narrative & use their wardrobe as a platform to tell their story. We are here to ensure your employees/members feel like their most confident, strong and powerful selves. What you wear affects your performance at work. Harnessing the power of visual branding will lead to increased productivity and happiness as well as reaching their potential. We have worked with companies and groups such as NASDAQ, Davis Polk, The College of William & Mary, Women In EDiscovery and more.

Topic ideas:

  • How To Dress For Success At Work (could add As You Climb The Ladder)
  • Using Your Wardrobe As A Vehicle To Achieve Your Career Goals
  • How To Dress For The Professional & Personal Life To Which You Aspire
  • How To Create A Career Wardrobe
  • What does “Business Casual” look like in 2023?
  • How To Create A Core Wardrobe
  • How To Create A Visual Brand

Feedback from our events:

  • “Alison and Delia held an informative presentation for our guests. The information presented was engaging and interactive. The presentation was highly regarded by many attendees; many mentioned how fascinating it was to learn how to create their visual brand.” -Brianna Jones Coordinator, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Davis Polk 
  • “Women in Nasdaq’s New York chapter was thrilled to partner with The Style That Binds Us for our recent event. We truly enjoyed the presentation and the personal relationships that The Style That Binds Us was able to make with our Nasdaq WIN members while on -site. Not to mention, the insightful tips to building a core work wardrobe were extremely helpful and fun!” -Christine Lee, Director, Social Media, Listings at Nasdaq
  • “I thought the speakers were really entertaining and empowering.”
  • “I like how they made their presentation applicable to anyone – not just corporate executives.” 
  • “Fun and interesting!”
  • “I found it truly inspiring.”
  • “They were spot on regarding today’s challenges with females and appearances.”

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