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What Does Style Mean To You?

Apr 30, 2021

Happy Birthday The Style That Binds Us!

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, we asked some members of The Style Squad what style means to them. Please enjoy their responses below. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Jiawei Zhang, Photographer & Videographer for The Style That Binds Us

Congratulations to your third anniversary! It’s my pleasure to work with one of the coolest mother-daughter duos in the world. I have enjoyed working with and have learned a lot from you! 

I like the quote from Lauren Hutton: “Fashion isn’t what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose.” For me, style is personal. It’s a reflection of a personality with a mix of  thoughts, feelings and emotions. I like the style that’s comfortable, making me feel relaxed and confident.

Ashlee Ammons, President at Mixtroz

For me, style is versatile. Although this last year has been unique from a style perspective I embraced the comfy-chic aesthetic realizing I do the same level of work in Prada or Pajamas. What has been wonderful is the excitement I now feel when it’s time to dress up. Today it feels special to me, I enjoy the process of vetting my closet mixing and matching old and new and the entire process of self-glamming it’s exciting to see myself that way while also being incredibly comfortable in my own skin regardless of what I wear.

Danielle Marx, YouTuber, Model, Advocate & Artist

To me style means the opportunity for creativity, choice, and self expression. Everyone deserves that feeling, no matter their size, shape, or ability!

Grace Strobel, model, speaker, athlete and advocate

Style for me means feeling beautiful in your own skin!

D.J. from Her Golden Wings, Lifestyle Blogger & UX Engineer

Style is healing. When I discovered style I found myself, I found my voice and became liberated from conforming to the structural fashion barriers. My style is colorful, vibrant, edgy and fun. Just like my life and personality.

Carolyn Li Ming Geh, Founder & CEO of Li Organics (use code TSTBU20 for 20% off on their site)

Style means knowing how beautiful and unique you are, and expressing yourself from that confidence and grace.

Jazmin Alvarez of Pretty Well Beauty

To me style is a way of expression that is very individual. It can change depending on my mood but is always uniquely me.  

Clémence von Mueffling, Founder of Beauty and Well-Being and Author of Ageless Beauty the French Way

To me having style is feeling comfortable, smiling with always a touch of elegance: a simple yet chic ensemble for example. In my opinion style is not fashion, it is so personal and involves self-expression. 

Marie Laffont, Founder Marie Laffont

I think Style, before everything, is an attitude, an allure. It’s more how you wear it than what you wear. My grandma used to be my inspiration. She was elegant and cool in every circumstance. This is what style means to me, and this is what makes you turn your head around on the street and say: wow look at this person. It is not a question of money or body. It is more about a feeling and level of comfort. Sometimes I dress like a man, sometimes I dress very girly, but all the time I like to play with contrast. For me you never need to follow fashion when you have style, you know what you like, what works for you, and create your own style. 

Zazel O’Garra, Artistic Director & Founder ZCO Dance Project, Public Speaker, Social Worker, Teaching Artist, Disability Advocate

As an African American disabled artist and advocate, I gravitate to clothes that speak to me. I like accessible stylish clothes which are functional fashion that’s creative, colorful, funky, sexy and stylish. I like clothing or an entire outfit that somehow stands out and grabs the attention of onlookers. Freedom of self-expression through fashion gives me confidence and rejuvenates my soul.

Veronica Chou, Founder & CEO of Everybody & Everyone

Style means more confidence to ourselves and less impact on our planet.

Photo credit D. Jerome Smedley

Javacia Harris Bowser, freelance journalist & founder of See Jane Write 

Your style should tell the story of who you are. Style isn’t blindly following trends; it’s being intentional about how you show up in the world. Style is choosing clothing and accessories that make you feel comfortable and confident and that reflect your personality. Write a style statement. Determine what you want your look to say about the woman beyond the wardrobe. Whether I’m wearing leggings or jeans, a maxi dress or a pencil skirt, I want people to look at me and see a woman who is both approachable and self-assured.

Courtney Somer, Founder and CEO, Lake & Skye

Style is a way to express yourself and change how you feel almost instantly. It can give you confidence and energy, who doesn’t want more of that?

Chellis Baird, Artist

Style is finding ones center of gravity. It is a way of moving. It’s untouchable, like punctuation, an attitude, the spice, a way of life. It goes beyond the flesh.

Style influences for me… from Roger Vadim’s lovers, Jacqueline Kennedy, Guy Bourdin, Louise Nevelson, Betty Boop, Donald Judd, Kate Moss, Amanda Brooks, Charles Gibson, The Rolling Stones, Hienz Mack, Italy, Japan, Ossie Clark, Valentino, Giambatista Valli, Margot Fontaine, Diana Vreeland, Balanchine, Breathless Mahoney, Crazy Horse Paris, Sam Haskins, Dior cosmetics, Carmen Miranda, to name a few…

Natalie Trevonne, Co-Host, Consultant & Advocate

To me style is not based off one’s ability it’s something that you envision. You dream up an outfit in your head and then you bring it to life. The options are endless and it’s an opportunity for you to create art with your garments. It’s such a journey of colors, textures and patterns! But really either you have style or you don’t.

Rita Hazan, Owner at Rita Hazan Salon/Products

It’s a complete look from hair to makeup to clothing. I think whatever you feel the most comfortable in and makes you feel sexy and pretty is your style. But that doesn’t mean workout clothes and athletic wear with sneakers- Of course that’s a look, but you definitely need to put more effort into your style to feel confident and ready to conquer the world.

Cheyenne Leonard, Master’s student, Advocate, Fellow

Style, to me, means the freedom to express yourself the way you want to. And that isn’t limited to just clothing. Style is your taste in music, movies, television, books, art, your personality, the way you treat others, etc. Style encapsulates how you express yourself in all different facets that make up the kaleidoscope of who you are. Style is very personal. Style is everything. That’s why it is so important that people have the ability to choose how they express themselves and the opportunity to be authentic to who they are.

Mihaela, Digital Creator

Style is a footprint of your own personality — it encompasses so much more than clothes: how you talk, walk and carry yourself speaks volumes about your style, and confidence is the best accessory. My style is eclectic and effortless and sometimes infused with bold colors & colorful prints. I love timeless pieces that can be re-styled throughout the seasons. A structural blazer is my favorite piece of clothing.

Alexa Jovanovic, Founder of Aille Design @ailledesign

Style is having the confidence in knowing who you are as a person, and being able to assign those values and attributes to physical objects that bring you joy. It’s unique to each and every one of us, which is what makes it that much more special.

Stephanie Morimoto, Owner & CEO at Asutra

For me, style is about finding the activities, pieces, and products that bring you joy and enhance your confidence. Trends come come and go, but wearing a favorite piece with your own brand of swagger, and taking time to care for yourself so you’re rested and ready for anything, are timeless.

Ashley McMakin, Founder of Ashley Macs

Style to me is being comfortable and feeling my best. “My best” is different each day. Some days no makeup and yoga clothes feel like the right thing. Other days throwing on a dress and sneakers makes me feel put together but relaxed.

Alexandra Connell Herold, CEO and Founder at Patti and Ricky

A new friend of mine recently mentioned to me that, ‘fashion and style can give me choices’. Her statement resonated with me. She and I both identify as women with disabilities. Inaccessible, noninclusive environments do not allow people with disabilities to have choices, independence, and equal opportunities. The fashion industry until recently did not include and embrace disabled people, differences, and Adaptive Fashion.

Adaptive Fashion includes clothing, accessories, and footwear that is initially designed with and for disabled people, and the end product is functional, universally-designed fashion for everyone. Just like a ramp into a building, Adaptive Fashion works for everyone, including people with and without disabilities. Adaptive Fashion provides people with disabilities choice for self-expression, gained confidence, and independence with dressing. I believe Adaptive Fashion has the power to create more equal opportunities for people with disabilities, such as with adaptive workwear, thus fostering more equitable and inclusive environments. I am passionate about supporting others to experience the power of Adaptive Fashion. 

Happy 3rd Anniversary to our amazing friends at The Style That Binds Us, thank you for all you do to foster inclusion in the fashion industry and for spreading the word about Adaptive Fashion! Wishing you a lifetime of continued success!

Mina Barany, Stylist

Style to me is one of the purest forms of self expression. It’s a way to reflect how you’re feeling on the inside and showing the outside world a little piece of you- a visual into your personality and a way to show the world whatever message you want to send it! Your style should be uniquely you and express whatever mood you’re feeling!

Molly Cutler, Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Advocate, Model

I believe that style is an expression of how you live your life. Style includes how you dress, how you carry yourself, how you talk, and how you make yourself heard. What I love about style is that even though it’s seemingly externally focused, it is actually a powerful way to introduce your unique self and identity to the world. Having great style has nothing to do with the cost of a product or the type of body you have, but is all about how you bring elements of your personality into your wear. I love bringing my casual California roots and my love for design into my style by pairing loose, breathable fabrics with more structured pieces. Style is boundless and belongs to everyone, which is what makes it so diverse and interesting!

Marci Zaroff, Founder/CEO ECOfashion Corp | ECOlifestyle Pioneer & Author | Co-Founder BeyondBrands & Good Catch

Style is the soul expressing itself thru creativity.

Jovana Mullins, Co-Founder & CCO at Alivia

Style is an expression of who you are. It isn’t about the latest trends, or the most expensive clothes, it’s about showcasing your wonderful, beautiful self to the world!

The Style That Binds Us




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