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Domino Magazine Editor Creates A Cult-Favorite Fragrance

Mar 19, 2021

We are excited to have Courtney Somer, Founder & CEO of vegan & cruelty-free home fragrance brand Lake & Skye, on our podcast! Courtney started her career working as an Assistant Accessories Editor at Vogue and also worked in branding before launching her company. She is currently a Contributing Editor at Domino Magazine. We immediately fell in love with her signature cult fragrance, 11 11, and cannot wait for you to learn about her brand. They have been featured in InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Byrdie, and pretty much every editorial site/magazine you’ve ever heard of! Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Shop Lake & Skye’s products here:

The Style That Binds Us


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