Woman with brown hair wearing turquoise & purple earrings and a white button down shirt

Heartbeat, what keeps you going? A career in fashion can be grueling and unrewarding at times. HOWEVER, there are some days when something extremely exciting happens and makes all the hard work worth it. For me, it’s reading an article praising the company I work for (which makes me very proud to be a part of […]

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Girl working on her laptop wearing a tie-dye tank and talking on the phone

Will I be an assistant forever? I gave myself specific timelines as to how I thought my career would play out would play out. However, once my job began, I realized there is SO MUCH to learn! I hit the ground running, asking as many questions as possible, taking non-credit courses and soaking everything up […]

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Woman walking across the street in Manhattan with a taxi cab and Asian boy behind her: she wears a sleeveless black turtleneck, a camel midi skirt, pink & gold wedges and a pendant necklace. She is looking at her iPhone and has brown hair

Have you ever thought this to yourself? I certainly have!! After a few years into my career, I began thinking, what’s next?! In speaking to my friends, I felt a great sense of relief that I was not the only one having these thoughts. For the first 22 years, your life is blocked into specific […]

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