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Fashion career: what is the best part about working on the buying team at a retailer?

Sep 24, 2017

Heartbeat, what keeps you going?

A career in fashion can be grueling and unrewarding at times. HOWEVER, there are some days when something extremely exciting happens and makes all the hard work worth it. For me, it’s reading an article praising the company I work for (which makes me very proud to be a part of it!).

Another thing that keeps me going is market –  going to a showroom, meeting a designer and learning about the collection/construction/fabrication/etc. It is incredible that I get to mix & mingle with those I admire and read about. It’s the little moments that are most memorable:

  • Getting congratulated for an accomplishment by someone you admire
  • Seeing your hard work come to fruition
  • Knowing that what you do matters
  • Etc.!

What keeps you going??

Delia Folk




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