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Why you should speak up at work

Dec 3, 2017

Promote yourself! It’s important to do this everyday

This may seem like an odd/unnatural thing to do, but the real world is harsh, and you’ve got to advocate for yourself (don’t be obnoxious about it though). Once your co-workers & managers recognize that you come to work every day and absolutely kill it, it’ll be a lot easier to receive a promotion. The people with the power to choose who gets the position probably don’t see how you work on a daily basis. Therefore, you’ve got to let them know.

This could be in the form of a touch base, going over what you’re working on & skills you’re improving. Every time you interact with your superiors, showcase your thoughts & insight. No one can read your mind. If one is consistently quiet (& hoping you don’t get called on) during meetings, they most likely won’t get noticed. Those around you won’t be aware of the well-thought out logic going through your mind.

Want to get promoted?

This is especially important if you want to come forward for a position. Know the job description you’re applying for, and have examples (stories are a great way to showcase) of how you demonstrate each skill. Your knowledge is a great asset, but it must be voiced. Example situation, you’re in a meeting and something you’ve read about in industry news is discussed, it’s impressive if you have something to say about this topic. Or during the meeting say, “I saw the article you were featured in ____ magazine”, this will show your superiors that you stay on top of industry news and trends.

One idea is to keep a log of everything you’ve done at work. You’ll be surprised to see how much you’ve accomplished when you read over it, and you won’t have to spend time trying to remember all the things you’ve done over the past year when it is time for your annual review. Some things to note on this list:

  • Projects you’ve worked on
  • Anything you’ve done for the team
  • New system you implemented
  • New report you created
  • Etc.

Each day that you go to work, your actions affect your reputation & personal brand. Stand out from the rest. You can do this by having a positive attitude and/or always volunteering to compile a list or spearhead a project. Develop strong relationships within and outside of the company. Ensure everyone would have favorable thoughts if your name came up, “She is great to work with”, “She has great follow up and always answers emails”, “I can count on her to get the job done”, etc.  Best of luck!

Delia Folk




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