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How to be the best assistant ever

Jan 1, 2017

Will I be an assistant forever? I gave myself specific timelines as to how I thought my career would play out would play out. However, once my job began, I realized there is SO MUCH to learn! I hit the ground running, asking as many questions as possible, taking non-credit courses and soaking everything up like a sponge.

Whenever I wanted to move up too quickly, I was reminded that it takes time and experience in order for the company to trust that you’re able to fill the role.

There are two sides here:

  • 1. If promoted too quickly, it’s possible one can fail. If they had stayed in their previous position longer, continuing to master the basics and adding new responsibilities, it could’ve alleviated a lot of stress
  • 2. I learn by doing and need to be thrown into it. I trust myself that I would be able to successfully fill the role

Some say to take on the role of your boss, and you’ll fall into it naturally. However, there are so many tasks assistants have, it’s difficult to do because of time constraints.

Remind yourself that those above you rely heavily on assistants, and the work you’re doing is important and much needed! They wouldn’t be able to attend meetings without the reports you ran, wouldn’t feel awake without the coffee you brought during an important meeting, and wouldn’t be having the meeting if you hadn’t scheduled it.

HUMBLENESS is the way to go. Lots of frustrations can pop up, but take a step back and roll with the punches. Assistants are needed and appreciated, and are the next potential leaders of the company. Take time to establish your base knowledge. A positive thought can come along with every task if you let it.

Another option is to speak with friends and family. Those outside the situation can give a different perspective than when you’re in the thick of things. A strong assistant sets up your boss to succeed, which in turn, sets you up for success as well.

Anything else??

Most employees are thankful for the assistants, and if you don’t get the promotion you wanted, don’t quit! Especially don’t quit without another job. Trust that the company knows what they are doing and your time will come. When it does come, you will be that much more prepared for the role.

Delia Folk




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