How Sex and the City Got Me Through Quarantine

Jan 23, 2021

Delia– I was too young to watch when Sex and the City was originally on TV, and somehow, I never got around to watching it when I was older. During the 2020 lockdown, I decided now would be as good of a time as any to watch the entire series. In my pre-COVID life, I was far too busy out & about networking at events or taking in the city, to do something like sit down to watch TV. BUT, living in my Manhattan studio apartment in the epicenter of coronavirus for months on end led me to quickly understand the need to escape. Watching Sex and the City allowed me to feel like I was living life in NYC from the safety/comfort of my own home. I could dream of post-COVID days, get ideas for outfits and look forward to getting to be young, wild and free in the best city in the world.

What I love the most about Sex and the City, and a theme they kept coming back to is that as men come and go, Carrie always has her friend group & her love of New York City to rely on. Having a significant other doesn’t complete her, but instead, can be a great addition to her life. If the relationship is no longer working, she feels free to let them go, knowing she has her friends and city to fall back on. She is an independent & successful woman whose happiness doesn’t depend on whether she is in a relationship or not. It is very easy to say, “If only I had a _______ (boyfriend, husband, child, etc.), then I could be happy!”, but Carrie focuses on what she DOES have (a great job, a supportive and loving friend group, an apartment she loves) instead of spending too much time pining away waiting for “him” to call.

When I first moved to New York, one of my friends talked about the fact that she was dating the city (a concept that I quickly adopted). We had just arrived after college graduation, and we were all getting to know the magical place we now called home. Carrie’s relationship with NYC is very much a part of the series, and one that feels similar to mine. Men may come in and out of one’s life, but our love affair with New York City never fades, and instead is constantly renewed in different ways. I cannot wait to live out my own version of Sex and the City once it is safe to do so, and in the meantime, I’ll be living vicariously through Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda!

Alison– As a wardrobe stylist, I talk often about the power clothes can have. What you wear tells the world who you are. I am always fascinated by what characters in plays, on TV, and at the movies are wearing, and frequently ask myself, “I wonder why they chose that piece for her/him to wear? What message is the costume designer trying to send?” I also have thought about what having a career as a costume designer/stylist would be like. You would need to know things like what people wore during a certain time in history, what fabrics were used, how they wore their hair, etc. You would also need to know the background information on each character, so that the clothes they wear would reinforce who they are in the story.

Patricia Field, as the costume designer and stylist for SATC, did a wonderful job of telling us who these women were through their style. Samantha is described as “self-sufficient and sexually adventurous”. Her bold, sexy looks show the viewer that she is confident and no “shrinking violet”! The use of color blocking in many of her looks screams directness and a fierceness in her personality. She doesn’t appear in too many soft, feminine frocks. These are non-verbal messages sent to the viewer brilliantly!

Carrie Bradshaw is independent, curious about the world around her, and somewhat of a dreamer, and the looks she wears showcase this well. She comes up with romantic, but many times quirky looks that fit her personality perfectly. Her relationship with her Manolo Blahnik shoes tells us so much about who she is!

The character Miranda, is somewhat cynical, headstrong and intelligent, and the tailored looks she wears show no soft edges, much like her character.

The naive, idealistic Charlotte is very ladylike, and her conservative, feminine looks tell the audience this is who she is-no words necessary- a string of pearls, little makeup, classic wardrobe-nothing too daring or sexy, does the trick to give insight into Charlotte.

If we can learn about characters through what they wear, imagine how you can give insight into who you are through what you choose to put on your body!

The 6 season series ended with Carrie saying as she smiled walking down the streets of Manhattan, “The most exciting, challenging & significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” This perfectly sums up the message & essence of this incredible & iconic show and is so very true!

We are thrilled that a reboot of Sex & the City will start filming in Manhattan Spring 2021!!!

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