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Discover Botanical Skincare Brand, FaTH

Jan 8, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to FaTH skincare! FaTH skincare is a botanical, clean skincare brand that is made in small batches. We love the scents & how their products make our skin glow! We were also pleased to find that it sits well under makeup. FaTH is more than a skincare brand, it is meant to be a wellness ritual steeped in self-love and self-care. We can’t wait for you to meet their founder, Faith Appleton, and learn all about this special brand in this Q&A interview below!

How is FaTH skincare different from other skincare brands?

Our performance formulas start with horticulture insight, pinpointing the finest botanical ingredients the world has to offer before coming to life under our R&D team. Our chemists specialize in emulsification, herbology and skincare delivery systems that yield unparalleled silky smooth textures optimized to absorb for maximum benefit to skin.  

Our products are small batched to ensure that our clients are receiving the freshest, most potent skincare possible. 

What inspired you to start your brand? 

As a young girl I was mesmerized by my grandmother’s vanity. She had the most luxurious creams & perfumes from Paris and around the world, that not only enchanted me but also had the ability to unlock my self confidence. 

When I became an adult, I found myself enthralled in parenting as well as policy. Gardening and hand crafting clean body products for our family was a way to unwind, ground and connect with our health and wellbeing. As a working mother, I quickly realized the boundless benefits of self care. When I paused working in Policy, I leveraged my researching skills to quench an insatiable appetite for expanding my knowledge about horticulture and the benefits of each botanical I was growing for home remedies.

There was a pivotal moment when I noticed a hole in the market and asked myself the question, “is it possible to create clean, non-toxic products that are luxurious and effective?” This question was the impetus of what would become a 7 year research project to prove that yes it was possible and the result is FāTH Skincare. 

We felt our skin was glowing and hydrated/moisturized after using the products. Will you tell us about how the products achieve this?

We believe in the powerful benefits of plants! Sourcing only the highest quality, expertly extracted botanicals, partnered with our proprietary emulsification and skincare delivery system, yields unparalleled skincare performance. 

Will you tell us about the scents? They are unlike any other products we’ve tried before!

Scenting is a deeply personal process for me. As I shared, it brings me back to my grandmother’s vanity and her impressive collection of perfumes and skincare products. The result of using them left me feeling empowered and beautiful in my own skin. I want any person who uses FāTH to have that same opportunity. 

After assuring a formula is clean, non-toxic and highly effective, then it is ready to receive its signature scent. Intentionally curating the olfactory experience to align with the purpose of the product is the fun part. The Infinity Cream, for example, is designed to smooth, replenish, brighten and firm. It is finished with its base, middle and top notes to invite you on a scented journey. Grapefruit and bitter orange peel come together to meet the senses with vigor while the bergamot and vanilla smooth and round out the experience. It’s my wish that our products encourage the next generation of skincare users to feel radiant and grounded in their skin!

How should we change our skincare during the winter months?

Winter in New England certainly can take a toll on our skin. Using a hydrating cleanser is important to begin with. Our Botanical Cream Cleanser lifts dirt and makeup off the skin without stripping the microbiome. After misting with the Rose Nectar to add a nutrient and aloe rich boost to the skin, I love to double up on my hydration. In the mornings, I use the Collagen Serum followed by the Mage Oil. At night, I enjoy boosting my Infinity Cream with the Mage Oil again for lasting moisture while I rest. Drinking warm botanical teas encourages meeting my external practices with internal nourishment.

Any tips for keeping skin healthy during the holidays?

The holidays are fun, festive and full. That said, they can be stressful. This is why, for me, it’s important to take a few moments, morning and night, to replenish. Prioritizing my skincare ritual not only supports the maintenance of my skin’s health but has the lovely side effect of restoring my sense of balance. 

Will you tell us about Apple Street Farm?

Apple Street Farm is one of the oldest homesteads in Massachusetts and dates back to the 1600’s! It’s where I live with my family, our three rescue horses, countless chickens, a handful of barn cats and two farm dogs. It’s also the home of our FāTH HQ, our bottling facility and our botanical research garden. Our mission is to breathe life back into the land by conducting soil restoration projects, planting biodiverse botanicals and connecting back to the earth. It’s where we fall in love with new plants and dream up new formulations. It’s where I hang up from conference calls and rush off to dig my hands into the dirt between meetings. There is always work to be done on the farm; always an animal that needs love, a fox to gently chase away, a row of herbs that needs tending. It’s work I’m always proud to do because I know the farm has so many lessons for me.

Will you tell us about the concept of slow beauty?

Slow beauty for FaTH refers to the intentionality that is poured into each decision we make along the way. We scrutinize ingredients based on a proprietary criteria that considers the way in which botanicals are grown and how their growing practices affect everything from the people caring for them, to the quality of the water supporting their growth to the ways in which the soil is enriched as opposed to being depleted by hosting these botanicals.

It may be tedious and at times a “slower” process but it is the only way we feel good about producing products. The outcome is the highest quality best in class skincare line to support people and the planet.

Will you tell us about the meditative aspect of FaTH skincare?

FāTH is the performance skincare line that’s reconnecting people to planet. It’s more than a skincare routine, more than a wellness ritual. It’s a coming home to planet Earth and all the beauty born of it.  Living in connection with nature, with our place on the planet has always been the most fulfilling and meditative for me. The feeling we get when we tune into nature, I call it ‘meeting your mage,’ the source of your intuition and natural knowing. It is my sincere hope that our clients utilize our products within their own meditative practices.

How did you choose the name for your company?

The name FāTH is an alternate spelling of my name, Faith. Faith literally means “complete trust and confidence in something.” This is the feeling we want our clients to have about their experience with our products. Complete trust in our results driven formulation, our sourcing and our commitment to self and planet.

Any tips on how to unwind and destress during the busy holiday season?

Being in New England, I have felt it’s best to lean into the changing of seasons. I enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire, lighting candles and cooking warming stews. Embracing the cold actually opens up new ways to get close to loved ones or find slower ways to connect with self.

Are your products clean and/or sustainable? If so, how so? 

Yes, our line is formulated in accordance with European standards, which prohibits over 1800 ingredients and counting. The European Union has stringent laws for formulations with strict enforcements for efficacy and regulations. Formulating at this level, our skincare products are produced with the highest possible standard available in clean beauty.

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