Girl crossing a crosswalk in Manhattan in front of a yellow cab: she is wearing a black blazer with gold buttons, a blue, black & white printed top, blue jeans with feathers on the bottom and black pumps

How to look good at work

Oct 23, 2016

These tips will also help you to feel better & look your best!

When you put together the perfect outfit & accessories combination, it’s an instant boost of self-confidence. There is an extra spring in my step, and I feel unstoppable when I have on a killer outfit. What you wear is your non-verbal communication to the world stating who you are, and what you stand for. 

How do you want to present yourself to the world each day?

I would much rather take time to pick out an outfit and which jewelry/shoes to pair with it the weekend or night before. Throwing together an outfit in the morning before work can be a recipe for disaster. Who wants to start their day in a frantic way that causes you to be in a fowl mood & to be late for work?? The outfits I pick out day of usually leave me feeling disheveled, and wishing I had made more time to get it right.

If you set aside time to plan out outfits that you truly love and make you feel confident, you will certainly be setting yourself up for success!!

Delia Folk




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