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Should you dress for the job you want?

Oct 27, 2016


This is something I can’t reiterate enough. Going to work wearing casual clothes is acceptable, but will most likely not help you land your coveted role. We work in fashion, HELLO, this is a must. A huge factor in your workplace/industry reputation is wearing strong outfits. You want to be known as always looking super cute. When your superiors see you everyday dressed in a stylish & professional outfit, it’ll be easier for them to envision you in a higher role than you currently have.

How to go about this?

Take time the night or weekend before to plan your outfits, especially for meetings where you’ll be in front of executives or vendors/clients. Wearing wrinkled, pilled or lint-filled clothes, as well as chipped nails, isn’t professional.


A great outfit can instantly be ruined by one of the previous examples.

Notice what the executives in the office wear. When getting dressed ask yourself if they would wear the outfit or what they would think about it. Comfortable/casual clothes are the easy and lazy way out. Build your work wardrobe so that you’ll be proud of the pieces you own. A compliment from someone in a higher position is an instant confidence booster. You’ll be known as the employee who takes pride in how you present yourself to the world, and even if not voiced, it gets noticed!! The executives need to know they can trust how you represent the company when out in the field.

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