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How To Grow Your Brand

Apr 18, 2021

I took away so much invaluable information from my time working at Barneys New York on the buying team in RTW, Beauty & Jewelry. As I worked in each department, I excitedly learned all about my vendor’s individual businesses. It was also imperative to keep on top of the latest trends, all the while keeping Barneys’ initiatives in mind, in order to determine the best strategy for each brand. One of my vendors called it “Delia Daily”, as she knew I would reach out to her frequently checking to ensure everything we were working on was on track. 

I have seen so many hopeful designers and brands pass through those legendary doors, that for a variety of reasons, didn’t stand a chance of getting picked up. I have seen & heard so many horror stories that could be easily have been avoided, had the designer been educated on how to best approach wholesale. There is such a wide variety of nuances that make for a solid & successful partnership between a brand and a store that many designers aren’t aware of. I thoroughly enjoy giving my clients a peek inside the life & mind of a buyer, as well as give them creative tactics to get in front of their current & dream customers both in-person and digitally. 

I am honored & thrilled that I’ve had the opportunity to continue working with emerging designers after leaving Barneys at the end of 2018. One of my favorite aspects of my job on the buying team was my relationship with young brands. After all, Barneys was all about scouting out, cultivating & building small businesses into those we all come to know and love. 

Nothing energizes me more than working with a designer to give them ALL the details so they know the pros & cons going in. By knowing all the facts, they no longer will be blindsided by unexpected costs, & can build a true partnership (instead of approaching it like the retailer is doing them a favor by carrying their line). I feel this is necessary in order to choose the best wholesale and direct-to-consumer strategy for you. 

There is a LOT to think about when determining your next steps, & this is something that needs to be continuously looked at and tweaked. It has been delightful getting such positive feedback from previous clients telling me that working together gave them the confidence and insights needed in order to pursue & create the brand of their dreams. As we enter post-lockdown life, this is a truly exciting time to reset and create D2C & wholesale strategies that are achievable & make the most sense for your brand. I cannot wait to work together on this!  

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