Several pictures of a stylish mother daughter duo & what they wore during Paris Fashion Week February 2020


Mar 21, 2020

What We Wore and Why

Hi Everyone!

We are back with another fashion week video! This time we are showing you what we wore during our Paris Fashion Week adventure for fall 2020. The COVID-19 craziness had barely just begun; Milan was starting to shut down, but Paris was still open; public spaces were filled with tourists, and fashion events were glamorously packed with the fashion, music and movie industrys’ movers and shakers (can you say “Usher” anyone?!). 


Towards the end of our stay, companies began calling employees home, appointments between brands & buyers were canceled, etc., but most runway shows and presentations went on as planned. It’s hard to believe all that has changed from the beginning of March until now. We live in a completely different world now than we did 3 WEEKS AGO!? It’s truly mind blowing! Not to mention the fact that this is GLOBAL- we are literally all in this together.


We put together this video before the world began “Sheltering In Place”, when things like what to wear and other seemingly naïve things were what we discussed. We decided to go ahead with posting this video & blog post because:

  1. It can serve as a distraction from the 24/7 News Cycle (which is, at best, unsettling, at worst, terrifying)
  2. Stay-At-Home time is actually great for closet organizing
  3. You can watch the video, head to your closet & put together a few new looks from pieces you already have (pieces you might have actually discarded in the closet organizing!)
  4. If you have the money and notice something that is missing in your wardrobe, now is a smart time to buy; you are helping the stores/designers who are suffering, & you’ll get big discounts on THIS SEASON’S merchandise

We’ll give you outfit ideas in case you have something similar in your closet (you probably do!) to our looks. In the process, you’ll also get a better sense of what PFW is like, and what goes into deciding what to wear where! After all, we were going to be around some of the most important people in the fashion industry at the chicest time of the year in Paris. We weren’t going to buy completely new wardrobes (why should we?), or be able to borrow samples (too complicated in different countries) and we only had so much space in our suitcases.


How did we do it? Watch the video below to find out!

We send love and strength to each and every one of you, remembering our goal of helping you live a stylish and fearless life, especially in this unsettling time; this too shall pass.


Delia & Alison

Alison + Delia


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