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We were featured on the What is Healthy? Podcast!

May 15, 2021

A huge thank you to Julia Chebotar for having us on your podcast! This episode is extra special, because Julia is one of the people who convinced us to come together as mother & daughter and start our business. In this episode, you’ll get the scoop on:

  • How The Style That Binds Us started
  • How we define being healthy
  • How mental health and physical health go along with what you eat
  • How moods are affected by what you wear
  • How Alison’s job is more about solving problems for individual women and figuring out the puzzle of who they are, and who they want the world to know they are
  • How Alison continued her styling during COVID
  • Working with mental health experts and instilling self confidence in people
  • Acknowledging Adaptative Fashion; clothing designed for people with physical disabilities
  • Spring 2021 Trends
  • What our last meal would be
  • …and more!

Can healthy food be tasty? Julia weighs in in this blog post!

Julia was featured on Season 12 of Chopped!

Below are two YouTube videos where Julia gives us tips on how to be healthier!

The Style That Binds Us




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