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Apr 17, 2020

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOMS!! We’ve got some Mother’s Day gift ideas even while social distancing.

It’s that time again- celebrating the Mamas we call our own. The Style That Binds Us team has worked to curate the perfect gift guide for the occasion (which can be quite daunting – trying to find something for everyone is almost impossible, but we think we might have accomplished it)! 


Even if you cannot be with your mother on Mother’s Day, you can still arrange a special day for her. We chose products to help you create an event; for example, you can give her a “Time Out” day; bath salts, soft robe and slippers, good book, chocolates to snack on and even an eye mask for a lovely afternoon nap. You can give one of these gifts, or bundle them together for the ultimate pampering experience for the woman who takes care of everyone but herself!

What about a day trip to the beach? It can actually take place at the lake, by a pool, or even in her own backyard! A soft beach towel, some sunscreen, sun hat, flipflops and this season’s hottest book. You can make it a big gift from everyone with all the other bundled together for a day full of joy, or choose one special item from you to her. Either way she will be thrilled!

Our favorite idea is to take your Mom on a picnic! We have been cooped up in our houses so long, and spring is finally here in all its glory, and what a miracle it is!! We found lots of items that come together to make the best picnic set up ever!

To finish it off, you can cook or pick up her favorite picnic dishes (or call her favorite spot for delivery if you are far away). The cutest coolers, baskets, even games to create the perfect day to celebrate family and motherhood, with everyone invited. Choose one gift from this theme or lots – either way this idea will be a huge hit, trust us!


Remember to shop local as well. A gift certificate for a mani/pedi or a gift certificate to a wine shop or restaurant is always nice. You can wrap the gift certificate in a box with one of the pieces of jewelry we have included; a pair of fun earrings for example. 

Photos of the family are always a sentimental favorite. Yikes! There are so many ideas, it is hard to decide! Ultimately, as we know, tangible gifts are simply a way to express your devotion to the woman (or women) who have made you who you are. Tell them “Thank you”, that’s the best gift of all. 

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    May I please have a mug for my birthday/Mothers Day?!!

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