Two women outside The Louvre: both with brown hair one wearing a white v-neck button down and the other wearing a black blazer with an orange pattern dress

One of the first questions we get asked when we tell people we started this company with our daughter (or mother depending on who is talking) is, “How lucky!! What is it like working together?!” In our latest podcast episode, we give you ALLLLL the details! This will be interesting if you’d like to start […]

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Woman walking in London wearing a plaid suit and pulling a suitcase. She has brown hair

Being alone is an interesting experience. It’s only reality that over the course of your life, you will not spend every second with someone else. This could happen when moving to a new city, your roommates go out of town, you have a staycation over a holiday weekend, etc. I never noticed it before because […]

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Pink background with red lips with a crown and the text: Keep calm I'm a single lady

Want to become a breakup badass? Going through a breakup is an emotional rollercoaster. Thankfully, I am pretty much on the other end of it. I’ve had to give myself lots of pep talks over the past couple of months. Looking back, I wish I had immediately accepted that this breakup was a positive thing, […]

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Photo of a woman crossing the street: she is wearing a blue, black & white top with feathers on the sleeve, a large cocktail ring, black pants & a black Yves Saint Laurent bag

At first I was thinking… WTF, I’m Single?! This was NOT the plan! Being the Type A & activity oriented girl that I am, I’m constantly looking ahead and plan my schedule weeks in advance. I considered the boyf in these future plans, then one day, BAM, it’s OVER!! What does it mean to go from a […]

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three hearts on a white background

February 14th (also known as Valentines Day) is quickly approaching! For those in the fashion world, it’s going to be quite a hectic day smack dab in the middle of NYFW. Not currently having a significant other, I’m going to spend the day making sure those around me feel loved. I’m incredibly thankful for my […]

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black and white photo of what looks like land after an earthquake with a red heart painted on it

Breakups are a strange phenomenon. The feelings that one experiences, in some cases minute to minute, can make you feel like a crazy person! One minute I would think, “I’m going to be okay, and this is the right decision”, and the next, start tearing up when a random memory came to mind. It was incredibly […]

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