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The Fall 2023 Trend Report

Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to Fall 2023! The Style That Binds Us put together our semi-annual trend report sharing this season’s hottest trends, colors and more. We are SO EXCITED for Fall 2023, because we are drooling over what came down the runway, and know it’ll resonate with you too. We’ve got a fabulous season in store for all of us, and we’re here to make sure that you’re the most stylish one around! Over 40? Here’s our Fall 2023 Trend Report for women over 40.

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Textured Metallic

Textured metallics have emerged as a captivating fashion trend. Its unique combination and juxtaposition of industrial edge and tactile allure catches people’s attention, which makes it one of Fall 2023’s major fashion trends. Textured metallic pieces display light and shadow, where surfaces come to life with a multidimensional vibrancy.

Textured metallics perfectly build a bridge between the raw industrial aesthetics and the elegance of texture, elevating the elements of design while creating a delightful sensory experience.

Animal Print

Animal Prints remain an enduring fashion trend for the upcoming season. Whether they are the traditional leopard spots, zebra stripes, or snake scales, they never fail to pique our interest. Animal prints give clothes a feeling of wild sophistication and self-assurance at the same time, providing designers a flexible canvas on which to play around with textures and hues.

Beyond apparel, animal prints have also made their way into home decor, footwear, and accessories. The wild and primordial qualities of design are celebrated by animal print as a trend, showing us that fashion choices can be both savage and elegant.

Boss/Grown Up Dressing

A popular fashion that glorifies sophistication, professionalism, and sartorial assurance is boss or grown-up attire. This trend harkens back to classic tailoring and timeless pieces that show power and maturity in an era where casual dress frequently rules. Consider sharp button-down shirts, tailored pants, fitted blazers, and classy midi dresses.

Boss dressing promotes the appearance by emphasizing clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, and neutral color schemes. It represents a shift toward dressing with purpose, whether for the boardroom, crucial meetings, or simply projecting confidence in daily activities. This trend goes beyond passing trends, highlighting the timeless attraction of dressing for success and making a good impression with perfect taste. 


Boots are a fashion staple that are continuously changing to fit modern fashion. In recent years, these adaptable footwear options have seen a comeback, offering a wide range of styles and heights, from ankle boots to cowboy boots to heeled variants. All these styles embrace both traditional silhouettes and cutting-edge, unorthodox styles.

Boots combine design and function, offering both comfort and style, whether worn with skirts, jeans, or tailored pants. Boots are a canvas for self-expression, providing an edgy, statement-making aspect to every outfit. This timeless fashion demonstrates the fusion of utility and stylishness.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury emphasizes understated elegance and a minimalist approach to luxury. This movement praises subtlety, workmanship, and the inherent value of well-made, timeless products as an alternative to flashy shows of riches.

With its preference for high-quality materials, sleek lines, subdued color schemes, and high-quality materials over flashy logos, quiet luxury urges us to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. These are pieces that will stand the test of time. Quiet luxury recognizes the profound sense of joy that comes from possessing something exquisite and unique, yet understated. 


Leather continues to be a popular trend in Fall 2023 due to its classic nature and adaptable materials. Leather presents a feeling of enduring refinement and hardy elegance, whether it is in the shape of clothes, accessories, or home decor. Leather purses, boots, and jackets have become wardrobe staples that give every look a little edge and rebellion.

Additionally, this style has evolved to meet ethical and environmental needs, with imitation leather and cutting-edge substitutes becoming more and more prevalent. The leather style reflects a sincere admiration for craftsmanship and the inherent beauty of this long-lasting material, combining heritage and contemporary to make it an enduring symbol.

Bold Color

Bold color has become a compelling and powerful trend. Through bold, striking colors that demand attention and make a statement, this style honors the liberty of self-expression. Bold colors, ranging from electric blue to blazing red, bright green to deep purple, breathe life and energy into everything they come into contact with.

They put traditional ideas of subtlety to the test and encourage people to embrace their own identities and allow their creativity to run free. Bold color selections are seen in fashion in daring clothes, unique pairings, and vibrant accessories, pushing convention and promoting originality. Bold colors modify spaces in design, resulting in surroundings that are lively and energizing. This style is proof of the ability of color to elicit feelings, start dialogues, and incite creativity.

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