Photo of a woman crossing the street: she is wearing a blue, black & white top with feathers on the sleeve, a large cocktail ring, black pants & a black Yves Saint Laurent bag

At first I was thinking… WTF, I’m Single?! This was NOT the plan! Being the Type A & activity oriented girl that I am, I’m constantly looking ahead and plan my schedule weeks in advance. I considered the boyf in these future plans, then one day, BAM, it’s OVER!! What does it mean to go from a […]

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black and white photo of what looks like land after an earthquake with a red heart painted on it

Breakups are a strange phenomenon. The feelings that one experiences, in some cases minute to minute, can make you feel like a crazy person! One minute I would think, “I’m going to be okay, and this is the right decision”, and the next, start tearing up when a random memory came to mind. It was incredibly […]

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