Two women sitting on a couch. One is wearing a pink sweater with feather sleeves. The other is wearing a leopard print dress. They are both smiling

Do you love the look of wearing different metals together in a cool and sleek way, but have no idea how to pull it off? It’s a little edgy, like breaking the rules a bit, don’t you agree? In fact, it is easier to do that it may seem, and we have put together some […]

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Two women walking by The Louvre: one wearing a white top, jeans and green kitten heels, the other is wearing a black blazer and a printed dress with brown cowboy boots

Do you have styles from these great brands in your closet? We very frequently wear jeans with our daily looks & wanted you to have the best of the best as well. When buying something new, we think of cost per wear. We wear our jeans SO OFTEN that our cost per wear is low. […]

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