Woman standing at a bar: she has brown straight hair and is wearing a blue & pink printed dress. She is holding a drink

Promote yourself! It’s important to do this everyday This may seem like an odd/unnatural thing to do, but the real world is harsh, and you’ve got to advocate for yourself (don’t be obnoxious about it though). Once your co-workers & managers recognize that you come to work every day and absolutely kill it, it’ll be […]

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Two women walking down the street in Manhattan: both with brown hair - one wearing a trench coat and has a grey & yellow crossbody bag with black jeans and black wedges; the other wears a black trench coat over a white tea, black jeans and black wedges. They both have on sunglasses

What you don’t learn in college… College is a phenomenal experience since you are surrounded by intellectuals & have lots of stimulating conversations. Imperative topics are learned & discussed in the classroom, but you also learn A LOT on the job. The classes give you a fundamental knowledge that you can apply to your tasks […]

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Woman walking across a crosswalk in NYC. She has brown straight hair and is wearing an off-the-shoulder black eyelet top, a printed black, yellow and blue skirt with slits and black heels

One way is to nurturing egos. This is difficult, but worth it!! Respecting those in positions above you will lead to the best possible work experience. When I started my career, it was of interest to me who held each position. For example, why were some people in executive roles younger than those below them? […]

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