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How to succeed at work

Nov 27, 2016

One way is to nurturing egos. This is difficult, but worth it!!

Respecting those in positions above you will lead to the best possible work experience. When I started my career, it was of interest to me who held each position. For example, why were some people in executive roles younger than those below them? Why would someone be complacent with working towards a certain level, and once reached, not striving for the next? Working with others can be difficult, because of multiple personalities clashing at once. Certain opinions of your co-workers and bosses may form, but it is IMPERATIVE to not let them show.

What is the best way to approach office politics?

It will behoove you to interact with those above you with respect, and let them know you value their experience. No rolling eyes!! Take their opinions and thoughts into consideration because they have been at the company/in their career longer than you. Don’t immediately think, “this is wrong, and here’s why” or “it’s my way or the highway”. Let them know you are thankful to have the opportunity to learn from them. It can be difficult at times, especially if you feel strongly in opposition, but those above you have the power over your next role.

Want to get promoted?

The more you work well together, the easier it will be for them to suggest you if a higher position becomes available. Strive to let your co-workers think you absolutely love your role and the company you work for (despite the fact that you may hate every minute; and if you love it, that’s great too & no pretending necessary!). Even if you aren’t in it to win it with your company, you never know if later on big changes may shift your experience and make you want to stay. Then you’d regret spending the last couple of months complaining about the company and people who work there.

Anything else to keep in mind?

Do not gossip or talk about co-workers. I know this is tough to not do. Others could be doing this, and it may seem weird if you don’t jump in as well, but it will highly benefit you to not. You wouldn’t want to be known as the office gossip, or have what you said about someone get back to them (even if others were saying similar things). Tell your friends and family if you need to complain/get something off your chest, but not within work. Go to work tomorrow and nurture some egos!

Delia Folk




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