Girl crossing a crosswalk in Manhattan in front of a yellow cab: she is wearing a black blazer with gold buttons, a blue, black & white printed top, blue jeans with feathers on the bottom and black pumps

These tips will also help you to feel better & look your best! When you put together the perfect outfit & accessories combination, it’s an instant boost of self-confidence. There is an extra spring in my step, and I feel unstoppable when I have on a killer outfit. What you wear is your non-verbal communication […]

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Woman walking down a cobblestone street in Manhattan wearing a black leather jacket, black t-shirt, red, black & white printed skirt, navy heels and black sunglasses. She has brown hair

We think you should dress to the nines EVERYDAY! But, why? So much effort! Personal style exudes confidence. What you wear non-verbally tells the world who you are. An outfit you adore gives one the confidence to conquer the world and face any problems you may have. My mood is instantly lifted when I know […]

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