Woman standing at a bar: she has brown straight hair and is wearing a blue & pink printed dress. She is holding a drink

Promote yourself! It’s important to do this everyday This may seem like an odd/unnatural thing to do, but the real world is harsh, and you’ve got to advocate for yourself (don’t be obnoxious about it though). Once your co-workers & managers recognize that you come to work every day and absolutely kill it, it’ll be […]

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Woman standing in front of a blue wall wearing black pant and black pumps, holding a black bag and is wearing a blue printed top with feather sleeves

Yes! PEOPLE NOTICE This is something I can’t reiterate enough. Going to work wearing casual clothes is acceptable, but will most likely not help you land your coveted role. We work in fashion, HELLO, this is a must. A huge factor in your workplace/industry reputation is wearing strong outfits. You want to be known as […]

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