Bowl of a salad filled with quinoa and fresh vegetables on a white placemat with a fork next to it, there are also fresh veggies laying on the table

The Style That Binds Us team tries to eat as healthy as possible, but we allow ourselves to indulge once in a while. As we are home much more often due to COVID lockdowns, it can be tempting to eat more frequently or get into baking. However, we most definitely want to avoid accidentally adding […]

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Three women in a grocery store: one wearing a puffer jacket, one wearing a cream turtleneck sweater and leopard print coat, the last is wearing a blue coat and a black turtleneck sweater. One has red hair and the other two have brown hair

What is an easy way to eat healthy? We are so excited to kick off January by eating as healthy as we can in our on-the-go busy lives! Health Chef Julia took us through Brooklyn Fare grocery and tell us how to make healthier choices & easy swaps. We want to eat healthy, but don’t necessarily […]

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