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How to eat healthy

Jan 20, 2019

What is an easy way to eat healthy?

We are so excited to kick off January by eating as healthy as we can in our on-the-go busy lives! Health Chef Julia took us through Brooklyn Fare grocery and tell us how to make healthier choices & easy swaps. We want to eat healthy, but don’t necessarily have so much time to cook for ourselves at home. Julia gives us quick & easy ways to do this.

We discuss what to avoid eating/buying, what are great go-to options and more in our latest YouTube video. When Julia works with her clients, she puts together a meal plan for them for the week and then cooks it all. She has created a special TSTBU Meal Plan for you which can be found below! Feel free to save this meal plan and use it for recipe inspiration.

The Style That Binds Us Weekly Meal Plan

The Style That Binds Us




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