Over the shoulder view of someone looking at an iPad looking at an e-commerce site with various items of clothing, wearing light pink outfit, white woman with blonde hair

We are excited to have Doug Greenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Garde Robe on The Style That Binds Us Podcast. Garde Robe is the world’s first and only luxury wardrobe storage and Cyber Closet valet service that can insure, archive, store, protect and restore your treasured stash of designer clothing, accessories, and […]

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Woman standing in a store wearing a black and white dress holding up dresses

Hello! How are things going? We know that when you finally get around to organizing your closets, it can be a very draining experience. By the time you finish with the clothes, handbags and shoes, you are beyond ready to be finished with the overwhelming task of regaining control over your wardrobe. DON’T STOP NOW! […]

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