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Apr 4, 2020

Hello! How are things going?

We know that when you finally get around to organizing your closets, it can be a very draining experience. By the time you finish with the clothes, handbags and shoes, you are beyond ready to be finished with the overwhelming task of regaining control over your wardrobe.


It’s important to see the process through to the end! If you still have a drawer brimming with mounds of tangled up scarves, or hanging in your closet, thrown over a hanger or hook, taking up space and gathering copious amounts of dust, the time has come to address the dire situation!


No! I will not tell you to throw them all out except for the ones that bring you the most “joy”. My clients who took her advice seriously, gave away many items they wish they had not in hindsight. In the case of scarves, they actually serve a purpose besides bringing joy or adding color to an outfit. Some are for bringing warmth in winter, some to ward off a chill on a summer night when eating al fresco under the stars, or even to cover shoulders for etiquette purposes (in churches, etc.). 

Therefore, you need to consider all of the above when deciding where they belong-in your life or someone else’s.


Choose the best spot for your scarves. Do they need a large place to “live”, because you barely go a day without wearing a scarf? If they are silk, they take up less room. If they are a seasonal scarf, you can store them in an airtight container during the off months. What about choosing four or so at a time to incorporate into your current wardrobe, and make a point of wearing all of them. After you tire of these, pull out four more. 

Pay attention to the scarves you NEVER choose. Why is that? These are the scarves I would consider sending on their way. There is no reason to keep multitudes of scarves you do not wear. Do I need to repeat that? I would start with scarves that people have handed down to you because THEY DIDN’T WEAR THEM. Then think about scarves given to you as gifts. Don’t feel bad if you give these away or consign them, the giver will never know, and they are simply taking up room and making you feel guilty by being there!


Once you decide which scarves you are keeping for the current season, make sure they are ready to wear before putting them in the closet, drawer, etc. Please iron or steam them, check for holes or strings, stains, etc. After all, these pieces are to ENHANCE your look and life, not detract from it! The bottom line is that everything in your closet and wardrobe should be something you are planning to wear within the next few months, no need or room for anything that has been hanging around (no pun intended…wink, wink) for 4 years or so waiting to be worn.

Hope this helps, happy organizing!


Delia and Alison

Alison + Delia


  1. Great advice you shared !!!

    Scarves give a different look, I agree..

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