Stylish mother daughter duo sitting on a couch in front of a brown background. The mother wears a hot pink sweater and the daughter wears an ivory silk top. They are smiling.

Hello everyone,  Welcome to… THE NEW NORMAL A byproduct of the Coronavirus situation is that we are all being forced to SLOW DOWN for the first time in…well, in forever! You may be “sheltering in place” with loved ones, roommates, or by yourself. Whatever the circumstance, it isn’t familiar, it isn’t fun for the most […]

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Mother and daughter holding skincare products in a beauty store: they both have brown hair. One wears a sleeveless black dress and the other wears a black blazer with a leopard print button down underneath

Hello everyone! (note: this blog post was written before bed after taking our vitamin D and putting on our Goop Glow masks!) HOW ARE YOU HOLDING UP? Before COVID-19, we all understood that it’s important to take care of ourselves; that there are easy ways to stay healthy (if we take the necessary steps), and […]

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