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Struggling to figure out what to wear post-covid?

Apr 28, 2022

This is something both Alison & Delia as well as Alison’s styling clients have been re-evaluating this Spring. We have evolved and changed during COVID as have our lifestyles (both for work & play). We emerged from lockdown two years older, and many of our bodies have changed during that period of time. Therefore, you may feel a lot of pieces in your closet no longer feel like you or you may be sick of looking at them! On our latest episode on The Style That Binds Us podcast, mother daughter duo, Alison & Delia, discuss how to approach your wardrobe post-lockdown. We are looking at this time as an exciting opportunity to elevate our style & thoughtfully determine how we want to present ourselves to the world! If you’d like a more personal approach to navigating your closet, email to schedule your complimentary style discovery call. We hope you enjoy this episode! Listen here.

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