Three women in front of a piece of art: one wears a green velvet robe with denim, another wears a bright printed blazer and black jeans and the other wears a black sweatshirt with blue jeans

What is hyperrealism with artist, Cj Hendry

Apr 19, 2019

Pulling Back The Curtain – In The Studio With Cj Hendry

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Australian artist Cj Hendry: “Catherine Jenna Hendry is a contemporary Australian artist known for hyper-realistic, large-scale renderings of luxury objects using a self-developed scribbling technique.”

This is what we have to say:“ Cj has an incredibly fascinating way of creating art. It is difficult to believe her works are not photographs, but instead are created with colored pencils! “

The Style That Binds Us is beyond honored to have had the opportunity to spend time with Cj in her studio in Brooklyn. Some things of note; she is very young at 31 to be so successful (she has sold works to Kayne West and others, and many of her works go for $50,000+); she has a love of fashion, and has collaborated with Christian Louboutin; there is a waitlist for her work; she has 342k IG followers at the time of this writing). 

If somehow you haven’t yet heard about Cj, please let us introduce her! We promise you will find her delightfully humble and laidback, as well as wildly talented – a shining star rising in the world of art.

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