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How to stay mentally healthy during COVID with Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes

Dec 10, 2020

We are excited to have Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes on our podcast! She is a leading psychologist & has had a private practice in New York City for over 25 years. She has a general practice, but she is also a trauma specialist & has worked with front line COVID-19 workers, firefighters after 9/11, she did work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Holocaust survivors and more. She regularly contributes to The New Yorker, Tracy Anderson, Bustle, Vogue, Goop, & more.

We had Dr. Karen on an episode of The Style That Binds Us Show to discuss how to have a nice holiday even if you’ll be alone and how to navigate family dynamics this year.

Here are some questions we ask during the interview:

  • Tell us about COVID and grief for frontline workers. 
  • Any tips for how to stay mentally healthy during COVID?
  • Can you talk us through the stages of grief?
  • Talk to us about the differences in grief of losing a parent at different ages in your life: losing a parent young, in/after college vs. then later in life 
  • Advice for someone grieving who has lost a child.
  • What are the stages of mourning?
  • It is normal and okay to grieve the loss of a job, relationship (friend or romantic), time in your life, giving up on a dream, etc. – let’s talk about this!
  • How do you stay mentally healthy when dealing with trauma & grief? 
  • Advice for friends/family of someone who is grieving?
  • Also, advice when speaking with someone and it comes up that they have lost someone close to them, how to respond?
  • What interested you about trauma? 
  • Reminder that sorrow hurts terribly, but will not kill us.
  • Advice for someone about grieving death: you don’t really want to “get over it,” how to simultaneously be at peace with the situation, but also honor/remember your loved one?
  • Why is grief necessary?

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