May 6, 2020


After reading an article recently in “The Cut” (New York magazine) about giving yourself a facial at home, we were psyched to try it ourselves! *Links to all the products we used can be found at the bottom of this post.


Women put off taking care of themselves as we all know. Even when we do practice self-care, it is a rushed affair. How many times lately have you spent a leisurely hour giving your face and neck some T.L.C.? Hmm…can’t remember if this has actually ever happened? Our thoughts exactly.


We realized we have a fairly nice supply of masks (or masques), cleansers, toners, etc. at home already, but finding the time to try them has been the problem. Overthinking the process is another-Is it better to mask before or after a shower? What if I want to exercise later? What if it messes up my hair, I don’t have time to wash it again…… It always seems too complicated (by the way, it’s smart to mask right after you get out of the shower, before you dry your face. Your pores are already open from the warm water, allowing your skin optimum moisturizing!).



  1. Wash first with an oil or an oil-based cleanser, massaging into the skin for much longer than the usual “rub and rinse” technique we use when we are exhausted and ready to jump in bed! This is supposed to be RELAXING! Choose a product with a nice scent and texture-remember, you are PAMPERING YOURSELF! 
  2. Wash next with a gentle, milky cleanser or one for sensitive skin (you do not want to strip the skin of all oil or the skin will overproduce oil to compensate).


Use a clay-based mask to pull out toxins and blemishes, one with slight exfoliating properties is even better! Lie down and listen to a calming podcast or music (see our playlist here), following directions on the packaging- most masks should stay on between 15-30 minutes. Rinse well using a wash cloth or muslin, finish the exfoliating process by rubbing a little harder on areas where you tend to have blemishes and enlarged pores (chin, nose, etc.)

Detox mas


Contrary to popular belief, toners typically do not strip the skin of all natural oils. The toner we use doesn’t even have any alcohol in it. Toner is an important step to get off the last of any product, plus it feels so refreshing and light going on the skin.

Have a snack on-hand in case you get hungry during your facial!

MASK #2- 

Moisturizing/Brightening/Tightening- or one with a combination of these properties, depending on your skin type and age. We used sheet masks for this second mask, so we lay down again! Sheet masks will slip down if you don’t! Close your eyes, and take this time to meditate or think of what you’re most grateful for, this is NOT a time for creating lists in your head, or thinking about things that cause you to worry! Once again, this is a time for self-care. Do for yourself what you would want for others.

Once this last mask is off, pat in the leftover product gently. You can use a rose quartz roller to do this if you have one. 


Add a moisturizing cream, remembering to include your neck. Then add a super nourishing eye cream and lip balm.

You can take a few extra steps if you want, like using a facial steamer if you have one before the first step above; you can also add eye masks after the sheet mask comes off, and a nice lip scrub helps with chapped lips before applying the balm when needed. Note: It isn’t recommended that you try extractions, you could do more damage to delicate skin than good.


Your skin will be glowing and unbelievably soft, and you will feel happily content, knowing you finally made some time for yourself, and it was actually enjoyable! Maybe this will become a monthly tradition, who knows?!

The products Alison used and enjoyed can be found below: Alison looked for anti-aging products: brightening, lifting and moisturizing creams rather than lotions.

The products that Delia used and enjoyed can be found below. Delia is much younger, so she chose her products with a goal to detox, moisturize & get that glow!

Let us know if you give yourself the gift of an at-home facial and which products you used! We highly encourage you to pay a little attention to your beautiful self, there will still be time to take care of everything else, we promise. How can you live your most fearless and stylish life if you don’t give yourself permission to practice self-care once in a while?

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