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Oct 18, 2018

Hosting an event with Intermix

Practically just as we stepped off the plane from Paris/Fashion Month, it was time to host our first event at Intermix! The event was so that clients could come and have our resident, in-demand stylist, Alison Bruhn, help them find their perfect fall look. Proceeds from the night went to God’s Love We Deliver. Before the event, we had a major GlamSquad moment where we had our hair, makeup AND nails (manicure/pedicure) done all at once! We had 5 extra people in Delia’s small NYC apartment!

Before the event, Alison & Delia went to Intermix to choose outfits to wear. There were champagne and chocolates for guests to enjoy throughout the night. We had an absolute blast getting to catch up with everyone who came, & many found some great pieces for their fall wardrobe. A big thank you to Intermix for putting on such a lovely event!!

Alison + Delia




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