Here Comes Spring, Are You Ready?

Feb 10, 2019

One of the most important, but often neglected, categories in the spring core wardrobe is Outerwear. How many times have you put on that gorgeous spring dress, only to realize it is very chilly outside? What to do? Throw on your black winter coat or go coat-less and freeze? Here’s another scenario-the air conditioning in the restaurant or your office is blowing straight down on your seat from above, and you are wearing that fun spring top that bares your shoulders and arms, which are covered in goosebumps!

This week’s YouTube video will help you solve the problem of how to stay warm and still look chic for spring! We explore different types of spring outerwear, and show you how to style them. Please see the shoppable items below in case you realize something is missing that you need or if you need an update!

We want to thank Michelle Waugh for sharing some of her spring collection of outerwear with us for the video. The video can be found below. Enjoy!!

Alison + Delia




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