Four people (one man and three women) standing in an art gallery: one wearing a brown jacket, blue pants and brown shoes, one wearing a scarf and jeans, one wearing a crimson sweater and blue skirt, the last wearing a green velvet robe coat with denim on it and black pumps.

How to start an art collection

Feb 3, 2019

An inside view of the art world today

The DNA of our brand is to inspire, and create opportunities for discovery in fashion, design, food, the arts and travel, all through the lens of style. As we have said many times before, we believe that art is fashion, and fashion is art, so this week, we are talking about art! 

We are excited to share with you an interview with Hong Gyu Shin (from Korea) of Shin Gallery, and Vajra Kingsley who works at ARTnews Media as the Director of Marketing & Business Development. They are both art industry insiders who break down what is going on in the art world today, what job positions are available in the art industry, what the future of collecting looks like and more! We hope you enjoy, and that this helps to make the art world seem less intimidating.

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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