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Easy Nail Art Tutorial

Jul 7, 2020

Since we are still under lockdown, we are doing most all of our beauty maintenance at home. Therefore, in our latest episode of The Style That Binds Us Show, we walk you through how to do a super simple nail art tutorial using JINsoon polish. First, here is a mini Q&A we did with Jin. Keep scrolling down to find the YouTube video nail art tutorial + links to the products used in the video!

Are you taking part in any virtual or in-person fashion week experiences?

Not at the moment, but our team members have been creating nail art each week for us so we can flex our creative muscles!

Any thoughts on nail trends post lockdown?

I noticed that many took more time to care for their nails and take a nail detox. Many also became amateur nail artists by creating their own nail art for fun while unable to go into the salon, so interesting to see everyone’s looks online!

When do your salons open back up?

Probably early August, we want to be sure our technicians are ready and feel safe coming back to work.

Tips from Jin Soon Choi:

Nail Prep:

Hydration is key to a salon-like manicure at home. Start with cuticle oil, massage into the nail beds and push back the now softened cuticles until they appear as a thin line on your nail. If you moisturize your hands with lotion before using cuticle oil, the oil will not penetrate. If necessary, cut extraneous cuticles, however, I recommend avoiding trimming if possible as cuticles actually serve to protect against bacteria and fungi. Follow with lotion or another application of cuticle oil. Be sure to wipe the nail clean with remover before applying polish, this will help the polish adhere properly to the nail.

Avoid Acetone Dry Out:

If trying to remove gel, apply cuticle oil to your cuticles and the skin surrounding the nail before soaking; this will help create a barrier to protect from excessive drying of the acetone. Once you have finished soaking, I recommend applying an additional layer to rehydrate.

How to Paint:

The easiest way to paint your nails is to make sure your first stroke starts from the edge. Utilize the natural shape of the brush to make sure it is as wide as possible. Let your second stripe overlap with the first to cover the rest of the nail. Wait about two minutes until your second coat as you work your way across. Don’t forget to paint the tip as well!

Top coat fixes all, if your paint is looking streaky or textured, top coat will help to smooth and blur the paintjob. Also if you are in a rush and don’t have time to re-do your manicure, apply a new layer of topcoat for an instant refresh!

Drying Tip:

If you’re restless waiting for nails to dry or always seem to smudge, apply the JINsoon HyperDry quick dry drops! Not only do they expedite drying time but they are infused with avocado and coconut oil for extra hydration and nourishment. 

Nail Health:

Healthy nails are the key to a great manicure. Sometimes you need to give your nails a break between services or polish. The JINsoon HyperRepair is a nourishing and strengthening treatment, packed with nutrients that are proven to restore nail health to perfect quality in just one week after two applications. Think of it like skincare for your nails! 

Below are shoppable links with the products used in the video in case you want to re-create this look! If you do, we’d love for you to take a picture & post on Instagram tagging @thestylethatbindsus & @jinsoon so we can share on our page. Want to see what other polishes Jin Soon has? Check out our curated selection below the video!

Want to learn more about Jin Soon? Here is a link to our podcast episode & YouTube video with her!

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