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Delia was featured on the Sunshine & Color podcast!

Aug 18, 2022

A huge thank you to Haley Batson for featuring our Co-Founder, Delia Folk, on the Sunshine & Color podcast! During the episode, Haley asks Delia questions like the below. Listen to this episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

  • What sparked your interest in working in the fashion industry?
  • How did you start blogging / did you always like writing?
  • What made you want to move to NYC?
  • What internships or work experience helped you get to where you are today?
  • Who inspires you? As a designer / fashion blogger / woman?
  • What is working with your mom like?
  • You have recently gotten into marketing strategy and taking fashion from a consulting side – how has that transition been and how was it inspired?
  • For young women looking to get their start in the fashion industry, what tips would you give them?
  • Any last words of wisdom or encouragement you’d like to share?

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