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Celebrating Life After 40: Let’s Get Active

Jan 20, 2022

These last few years have been _______ fill in the blank… difficult, challenging, disheartening, disruptive, emotional, heartbreaking, frustrating, aging, frightening, draining, shocking……you name it, we’ve all experienced it one way or another! 

Ice cream and chocolate really helped, until I got on the scale after the holidays. Yikes! How did I let this happen? It’s definitely time for a reset. A New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? Not so ground-breaking, but I haven’t kept up a consistent workout routine in a couple of years, and I am determined to start. I have curated a shoppable selection of items that are motivating me to GET MOVING that I wanted to share with you in case you’re ready to get active as well:

Alison Bruhn


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