Woman standing in the parking lot of a grocery store wearing a camel leather jacket on her shoulders, a denim top & bottom and holding a cognac bag.

Brand to know: LTH JKT

Nov 17, 2019

Want a fabulous quality leather jacket without the steep price point? We were so excited to learn about this brand. On our recent trip to L.A., we got to meet the incredible team behind the brand. We live in our leather jackets most of the year. We find that some people are hesitant to wear leather jackets, and if not, they hesitate to get colored one’s instead of traditional neutrals. However, you wouldn’t believe how much wear you can get out of their colored options as well!! They have lots of different silhouettes and colors that we know you’ll love. We closely align with their values, which is very important to us! Some of their jackets are even reversible 🙂 Shop below!!

Also, check out our feature in their Let’s Talk Honestly Series!!

Alison + Delia




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