Two women sitting on red stairs in the West Village of Manhattan, one is wearing a camel sweater and the other is wearing a rust skirt with Manolo Blank black pumps, the other is wearing a houndstooth print dress. They both have brown hair

Best brand for business casual while working from home?

Nov 17, 2019

BRAND TO KNOW: Brochu Walker

We love this brand! It is PERFECT for women who want to effortlessly look elegant & chic. It features both muted/soft tones as well as rich ones depending on your mood & occasion. We included some of our favorite shoppable picks below! We think this is a brand to invest in. The pieces are high quality, super cute & are made to last.

These will be perfect to wear around the house to get you out of your sweats. You’ll feel much better about yourself & will look GREAT for your video conferencing calls.

We were so excited to be featured in their BW Women series!

Delia Folk




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