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Mar 28, 2020

The Style That Binds Us “A Day In The Life”

What does a day during Paris Fashion Week look like? Come along with us as we take on Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2020 in our latest YouTube video! We answer all your most frequently asked questions below the video:

What are your favorite things to eat in Paris during Fashion Week?

  • We always start our day with a Parisian style breakfast, either at home in the apartment, or out at Cafe de Flore or Angelina. Cafe creme, warm croissants and fresh squeezed juice are a must!
  • Lunch is hurried, if we have time to eat at all! We grab a salad and an omelette, or a brie and apple sandwich on that famous French bread to eat on-the-go. Try Carette or Mar’co for a quick bite
  • We love to end the day at the fashion hotspot, LouLou, for dinner. They have beautiful views of the Tuileries and the Louvre at night. Nothing could be more Parisian than that. The tinkling of wine glasses and French voices in conversation add to the special experience.

What Is One Problem You Face During PFW?

It’s difficult to be in Paris during fashion week, because we want to make the absolute most our time in this magnificent city taking in all the sights, but the reason for our trip is for work. Therefore,  we make a list of our priorities. These are:

  1. Will there be time to visit the Louvre? 
  2. Will we get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower at night with its sparkling lights? 
  3. What other museum exhibits are Must-See?

We will try to squeeze in time for enjoying the majesty of Paris as time allows. But first-fashion, fashion, fashion!!!!

What is the mother/daughter dynamic like when traveling together?

Because we have traveled so much together, close quarters don’t bother us and we are happy to share everything, from food to clothing. We actually think it is easier than if we were traveling with co-workers who weren’t also family.

What does a day look like for TSTBU in Paris?

  1. It begins with breakfast of course. While we eat, we go over the day’s appointments, runway shows, and fashion events and what we will wear. Paris is a very stylish city, and we must dress to impress! 
  2. We take notes as we go through the day’s shows, appointments and events.
  3. At the end of each day, we talk about what we have learned, in this case about the 2020 fashion trends. Fast fashion, this is not, but it definitely affects what will be shown from luxury houses down to High Street in the coming months. 

What are a few trends you have seen this season?

Two major trends are emerging: 

  1. Menswear for women-pantsuits (a modern, strong take on feminism in a sexy way)
  2. Sustainability in fashion.

Above all, a decidedly elegant look is emerging for fall 2020.

On this day, we visit the showroom for the fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra,  to see the fall 2020 collection. 

Highlights are:

  1. micro and macro pleats
  2. fall florals in silk
  3. power suiting 

We also visit the Yves St. Laurent atelier,; learning about the past and future of the design house.

After dinner, it’s home to bed in our little apartment looking over the rooftops of the Haussman buildings across the street, before starting the process over the next morning! There is never a dull moment during PFW for The Style That Binds Us!

The Style That Binds Us


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