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21 reasons to hire a NYC Stylist

Jun 17, 2023

NYC Stylist Alison Bruhn is here to meet your every style need. Her clients come to her for a variety of reasons and all achieve the style transformation they are looking for. Below are some examples of why someone would hire a stylist:

  1. You don’t know your body type
  2. You don’t know which colors work best with your hair color/texture and skin tone
  3. You’re moving to a new city
  4. You’ve gone through a big change like a divorce, you’ve become a widow, you’re a new mom, you’ve taken time off to raise your children & are ready to get back into the workforce, etc.
  5. You’ve gained or lost weight
  6. You’re ready to take your life to a new level (whether personally or professionally) and want to ensure you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible in order to do so (i.e. ready to start dating, want to get a promotion at work, want to close the deal, etc.)
  7. You aren’t sure how to dress for your age
  8. You feel like you have nothing to wear
  9. You feel like you don’t have a sense of style
  10. You despise shopping and getting dressed each day is a struggle
  11. You can’t figure out why other people always look put together but you don’t feel stylish, confident and polished when you get dressed
  12. You have upcoming public speaking engagements or tv appearances
  13. You’re going on a book tour
  14. You want to have fun with fashion, but aren’t sure where to begin
  15. You missed an event because you couldn’t figure out what to wear
  16. You don’t have time to go shopping
  17. You’re tired of scrolling for hours only to not find what you’re looking for
  18. Time is money, and you’re ready to hire an expert
  19. You want to show up as your best self, but you don’t care about fashion and don’t want to spend the time trying to figure it our on your own
  20. You’ll get to work with a fashion industry insider who knows about under-the-radar brands you haven’t yet heard of
  21. You’ll be left with a workable closet that best suits your lifestyle, budget, personality, style aesthetic and more

Learn about our personal styling services below:

Get more information on why you should consider hiring a stylist here.

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