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What Is A Personal Stylist & Why Should I Hire One?

Jul 5, 2021

There are multiple reasons for working with a personal style consultant (also known as an image architect), and there are just as many reasons why people are hesitant to do so! Let’s break these down and consider the possibilities and outcomes.

Who needs a personal stylist?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed when getting dressed. This can be for work, for a special occasion, for a night out with a significant other or group of friends, or simply for help figuring out an everyday look that is a step up from the workout clothes you never seem to get out of.

What is stopping you?

  1. The main deterrent is money. The price is not readily available on most websites, so it is necessary to call to get more information. The worry is that it may cost too much, and it would embarrassing to admit this to the stylist.
  2. The feeling that a person should be able to do something as basic as get themself dressed is a common reason why a person puts off reaching out to a stylist.
  3. “My closet is a disaster; I’d be too embarrassed to let anyone see it.”
  4. “I need to lose a few pounds first.”

Arguments in favor of utilizing the expertise of a stylist.

  1. Money- there are two important considerations here. Most stylists will work with you to create a plan that works for you depending on your budget. Look for a stylist who TEACHES YOU HOW TO SHOP FOR YOURSELF, rather than one who simply shops for a few new looks- you will end up with 3 new outfits, but nothing else to wear. Working with a personal wardrobe consultant for a few hours costs infinitely less than the money spent of multiple purchases made that will never be worn. If you have an issue, get proactive. Interview a few stylists, see who resonates with you and have an honest discussion about what you are looking for and how much you have in your budget to spend. Most personal stylists chose this career to help others, if you talk to one who isn’t willing to work within your budget, move on! Another consideration on the topic of money, YOUR time is money. Do you have hours to go shopping? Are there multiple boutiques and department stores in your area you enjoy visiting? Do you have go-to brands you can turn to that work for your body, budget and style aesthetic? Do you enjoy scrolling the internet online shopping for hours? If you answer “No” to any of these questions, you need a personal shopper! Let her do the work for you while you spend your time doing things that bring pleasure and joy to your life.

2. You can most definitely get yourself dressed, but life’s circumstances have made this simple act difficult. It can be a physical issue, or time constraints, or multiple fashion mistakes that have shaken your confidence, changes in your body size and shape, changes in lifestyle and responsibilities, difficulties in deciding what looks best on you and speaks to others about who you are….the reasons why getting dressed can become a stressful experience are numerous. Why not go to an expert for help? If you have a medical issue, you hopefully don’t hesitate to seek help. If you want to plan a trip, but don’t know where to begin, you would seek advice from someone in that field. Do you see the pattern? Have you ever hired an interior decorator? Why not ask someone knowledgeable to help you look your best? Is your home important but your personal appearance doesn’t matter?

3. Unless you have a dead body in your closet, we have probably seen worse closets than yours! We don’t even notice, in fact that is why we are there! We look forward to bringing some organization back into your life. The idea of “shopping your closet” can become your reality.

4. Most of us fluctuate in terms of weight. Many of us live on diets. The times you feel less self confident in your personal appearance are the times when you need an experienced wardrobe consultant who can teach you the ABC’s of dressing- Accentuate, Balance and Camouflage.

It may seem intimidating, you will be be out of your comfort zone, but ONLY FOR A LITTLE
WHILE! As soon as you make the phone call or hit “send” on that email, you are beginning your
adventure to self confidence, to your own style revolution!

The most common question I hear is, “Why didn’t I do this years ago?” Which is quickly followed
by, “Will you work with my daughter (mother, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law- fill in the
blank)?” Fashion and personal style may not be rocket science, but can truly make a huge
difference in the quality of your life. Why not give it a try? Email alison@thestylethatbindsus.com to set up your complimentary style discovery call or learn more here.

Alison Bruhn




  1. Amy Saunders says:

    Yoo-hoo! I just love the idea of hiring a stylist to customize our appearance not just for everyday looks but also for special occasions as well. My daughter could really rely on this tip for her upcoming high school reunion where she plans to attend with a brand new hairdo. I’ll advise her to look for someone reputable to give her a satisfying makeover.

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