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How to relax

May 21, 2017

I have a Type A personality, & I need to RELAX!!

There are multiple pros and cons to a Type A personality. I am extremely conscientious (pro: I get things done in a timely manner with a sense of urgency, I consider how my actions will affect those around me & I will complete all necessary tasks / con: I overthink how someone else may feel, which at times is unnecessary & exhausting). Throughout my life, I’ve had to find ways to relax and chill out!!

  • Working out
    • Going a gym has been invaluable to me. I used to not make time for this in order to focus on my career (getting in super early & leaving late). A wise friend told me to think of going to the gym as an appointment with yourself. You wouldn’t cancel a business meeting, so why cancel something that will make you healthy & happy. Even on mornings when I am exhausted, I push myself out of bed & go to the gym. It gives me energy I didn’t know I had, and is a great stress reliever before the day begins. It’s to everyone’s benefit that I fit in my daily workout. This also helps to keep my “stress tummy” feeling at bay.
  •  Get a manicure
    • You can tell how I’m feeling inside by the length of my nails. If I am feeling stressed, I will tear my nails off (which is unfortunate because they do not look as nice). However, if I feel that things are going smoothly, and I feel calm, I let them grow. Getting a manicure keeps me from messing with them. A manicure is also a pampering activity, which is relaxing in itself!
  • Work
    • When I first began my career, I was very serious & uptight about getting to work before everyone and leaving after the team (or entire floor) left. I would turn on the lights in the morning, and they would turn off when I was still sitting at my desk at night. I worked, studied my notes and/or caught up on the fashion industry during the weekend.
    • Until I read, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, I didn’t fully understand the importance of forming relationships at work. I didn’t prefer to chat, and felt that I was at work to work. However, now I try to spend at least 5% of my day forming and maintaining relationships with my co-workers. Over the course of my 2-year career, I’ve learned to take things with a grain of salt & try to relax in all situations. If something happens that bothers me, instead of immediately reacting, I wait a couple of hours. Therefore, I won’t be as emotional about it, and will approach the email/situation/etc in a much more placid way.
  • Drink Tea!
    • I like coffee, but prefer to drink tea. I have several cups throughout the day. I start drinking decaf tea after 4pm to ensure I’ll be able to fall asleep. I drink Kirkland Green Tea, and also matcha for an extra boost of energy.
  • Deep Breaths
    • Throughout the day, I remind myself to take deep breaths. It brings much needed oxygen to my brain & gives me an immediate sense of calm.

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    Great Advice!!! So proud of you!!! 😊👍🏻

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