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Do you ever feel nauseous in the morning?

Nov 12, 2016

What is the reason for this & how to make it go away??

Stress tummy is a term I coined to explain the tight feeling I often have in my stomach. The main reason for this is my Type A personality. I experienced this during high school while eating breakfast thinking about the day ahead, but didn’t know what it was or how to describe. Now it happens when I know I have A LOT of tasks to accomplish; or if I only give myself a certain amount of time to do something, and am rushing to finish a magazine, catch up on emails, etc. This is not a sleep-inducing state, so I’ve had to train myself over the years to make it go away. Below are some tips/tricks to rid yourself of this feeling:

  1. Read a book (that doesn’t have to do with career or whatever I’m thinking about)
  2. Talking to someone about a different subject. Once I stop thinking about the stress, this feeling goes away more quickly
  3. Take a workout class
  4. Deep breaths!
  5. Cup of tea (coffee only makes it worse and makes me more hyper/jittery)
  6. Give myself a pep talk that I will be able to complete the necessary tasks and still have time leftover (this usually is the case)
  7. Don’t let myself quickly scroll through social media, because this only increases the feeling
  8. Shower and masking for some self-care
  9. Light your favorite candle

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