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Why am I sad?

Aug 13, 2017

Have you ever thought: “I’m sad and I don’t know why!!”

There are times when I have a feeling of sadness that I can’t explain. It’s not because something bad happened, or someone hurt my feelings, or anything like that. The day could be going along as normal and I’ll be sitting at my desk feeling a bit sad. When this happens, I remind myself that I am extremely blessed. I have wonderful family & friends who care about me and vice versa, I have a great job and I get to work with products I love, I live in one of my favorite cities in the world, etc!

Remember, it’s not realistic for someone to feel happy allll the time. No one would know when this is happening to me, because during the times I am feeling the saddest, I try and smile my way through it. People think I am an energizer bunny and that I don’t have a care in the world, but little do they know!

The best part?

I think that perception can become reality and therefore, by smiling and acting as though I’m happy can only help this feeling pass. I try and give myself something to look forward to throughout the workday. This would be in the form of a yummy snack, a delicious matcha, coffee or tea drink. LOTS of pep talks are included telling myself to not focus on negatives and only on positives!

What are your tips to turn a sad thought around and get back to a happy place?!

Delia Folk




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