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How To Have A Successful Career

Jul 30, 2017

As they say in regards to NYC, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” It’s necessary to understand that it takes years of behind-the-scenes dedication & hard work before one becomes an industry figure. Staying positive, being accountable & building a strong reputation are all imperative. Below are different things you can do to set you up for success in the fashion industry:

  • Network with people in the industry
    • You’ll get better insight into company culture at other places & sections within the fashion industry. The connections you make could lead to a future job opportunity.
  • Meet with people within your company
    • This will help to gain a better sense of their role & department. It’s great to have a connection with someone outside of the workplace. Getting dinner, drinks or coffee is highly encouraged. You never know what someone will say unless you ask.
    • You will better understand your industry & company after speaking with them. It’s much more impressive to have people throughout the company knowing who you are, than for them to say, “who is that again?”
  • Think outside the box
    • The ability to brainstorm and think of creative ways to solve problems or become more efficient will be a surefire way to get noticed.
  • Stay on top of industry news & trends
    • This way, if someone brings up a topic, you’ll be able to speak to it. Also, it’s a great tool for brand discovery.
  • Treat everyone with respect
    • This includes the receptionist, mailman, cleaners, executive team, etc. Even if you think someone isn’t qualified for the position, it will behoove you to not let it show
  • Ensure that your co-workers think of you as dependable and become indispensable
    • Whatever task given (or not given, but you know needs to be done), complete it in a timely and accurate manner. This way, you’ll earn the trust of your co-workers. If you can predict what’s needed (especially for executives), you will become indispensable.
    • This is exactly where you need to be, having members on the team relying on you, and feeling horrified at the thought of you leaving. It’s beneficial for people all throughout the company to know you & understand that you’re trustworthy and an asset to the company.

Delia Folk




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